The Inner Room

Lies our culture tells about premarital sex

Our culture tells us a lot of lies about sex before marriage. We don’t realize they’re lies. But that’s what they are. Plain old, flat-out, bald-faced lies.

We know they’re lies because they contradict God’s word. But if that’s not enough, when we give in to them, we discover the painful truth for ourselves. Far better to simply trust God in the first place and spare ourselves the pain and heartbreak.


Premarital sex destroys trust in a relationship

I did not understand before why premarital sex was such a big deal. I knew it was a sin, and I knew God forbid it. But I didn’t understand the very real and harmful effects it has on a relationship.

Probably the biggest harmful effect is destroying trust. I’m going to try to break down why this happens.

As Christians, we know God’s command to abstain from sex before marriage. We hopefully plan to abide by it. But often we find ourselves in relationships where the other person is pressuring us into sex, or maybe we are that person.