The Inner Room

You are not your own: decision-making as a Christian

Recently I’ve been learning some things about following God’s will. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, I’ve been learning about them through my own mistakes.

The crucial principle I’ve been learning is that there should never be a major decision that we make without consulting God’s guidance. There should never be any area of our life that is a “no-go” when it comes to God speaking to us.

Let me unpack that. In life, we have many decisions to make, some of them bigger than others.

How to know God's will

Recently I’ve been wrestling over how to know God’s will in major life decisions, like where to live, whom to marry, and what job to take.

There’s a lot of advice out there, ranging from people saying that you need to hear a direct word from God, to others saying that you can’t expect direct guidance, but have to make a decision based on wisdom and the information you have.

It’s confusing. To find personal clarity, I’ve gone straight to the source, God’s word itself.

A couple of passages have spoken to me:

How can a Christian know God's will in dating?

Recently I met up with an old friend of mine, who confided in me that he was in a new long-distance relationship with a girl he'd met online. As he talked about the relationship, he expressed that his major preoccupation was whether this relationship was “God's will” or not. He wanted to know definitively before proceeding, because he didn't want to hurt her or to make a mistake.