The Inner Room

Perspective shift: discontentment or gratitude

A few months ago, I had an experience which affected me profoundly. It was my birthday. I went for a run down to the waterfront and sat for a little while on the beach looking out at peaceful waves lapping the shore. Since it was my birthday, I was in a bit of a thoughtful mood, reviewing my life and the events of the past year. I began thanking God for each blessing he had given me and all the good things in my life.

"God just seems awfully angry in the Old Testament"

One of my friends is a fairly new Christian. She recently remarked that she didn’t like reading the Old Testament, and when I asked why, she said “God just seems awfully angry.” I replied with something profound like “hmm”, and the conversation went on from there.

Southwestern-style black bean salad

2 540 ml/19 fl oz cans black beans, drained and rinsed
1 341 mil/12 oz liq can corn kernels, drained
1 pint grape tomatoes, cut into quarters
1 large ripe avocado, peeled, pitted, and cut into cubes
1 bunch cilantro, chopped
½ medium purple onion, chopped small
Juice of one large or 2 small limes
extra-virgin olive oil, a few tablespoons
salt and fresh-ground black pepper, to taste
hot pepper sauce to give it a kick, to taste

Mix everything together and enjoy!


Gripped with longing
sudden, swift, severe
a longing I cannot shake.

I know what I'm longing for is a fantasy
which will dissipate into hard reality and leave me emptier and lonelier than before
the promise of unparalleled pleasure morphing into unmatched pain
the moment the bite of that fruit is taken.
My eyes open, the lies exposed,
nothing to cover myself with.

Some post-Valentine's Day thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a day that calls up all kinds of emotions if you’re single, most of them negative. No matter how much you convince yourself that it is simply a manufactured holiday which imposes a false sense of obligation on those who are coupled to spend money and drum up a sense of romance (which it is), it nevertheless manages to make you sharply aware of the fact that You Are Single and have no one to a) celebrate the day with or b) agree to not celebrate the day with. Either would be preferable to not having the option.

Why doesn't God punish evildoers?

It’s an evil world. We only have to watch the news to know that. Unspeakable atrocities happen every day on a global scale.

But we don’t have to watch the news to know that. Most of us don’t make it through life without learning it on a personal level. Human atrocities happen every day, on the scale of one human being relating to another. People do terrible things to one another regularly, some that are illegal, some that aren’t. Some that are found out and stopped, some that aren’t.